About Us

ODiP was formed by a group of individuals who each share a deep passion for African culture. We work collectively to explore, support and promote the rich and diverse talents born of this great nation. This enables us to deliver an awe-inspiring selection of genuine African artistry directly to you.

What kinds of African artistry can you expect from ODiP?
Expect an exciting, eye-catching collection of paintings and sculptures created using a wide variety of techniques and organic and synthetic materials. The striking designs are versatile and beautiful focus points that will add life to any space at home, in office or any other business venue.

Expect a selection of handcrafted jewellery to suit any sense of personal style ranging from the delicate and traditional to the impactful and edgy. As these pieces are handmade, often there is only one in circulation so prepare to dazzle!
Expect a unique range of functional and decorative textiles from African print neck rests to limited edition clothing items and accessories. Set the trend!

All items are handcrafted and sourced either directly from Africa or from Africans of the diaspora.
Contact details are available on the Contact Us page, also you can make enquiries via social media sites by clicking the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram icons below. Please join our mailing list or visit the social media sites for first-hand information on our new products, sale items and upcoming events. We hate spam so will never share or sell your details.
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